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Water Treatment

Water Treatment

The removal of contaminants from untreated water has become a leading issue, due to environmental concerns and the threat of future water shortage. An effective purification process is necessary to eliminate organic, chemical or other debris to meet stringent regulations for drinking water, as well as for the chemical, industrial, pharmaceutical and science markets.

Supported by a strong research and development team, the technical expertise and capability of Porvair Filtration Group ensures we are at the forefront of clean water filter technology, enabling us to deliver cost effective, reliable clean water solutions tailored to our customers requirements.

We have an exciting range of diffused aeration products for the treatment of both industrial and municipal effluent. Aeration is an effective method for breaking down the organic components of effluents. Sewage aeration systems have two functions:

  • To provide oxygen to feed the oxygen breathing aerobic bacteria that decomposes organic matter.
  • To stir the effluent to ensure that it is homogeneous for efficient oxygenation.

Our diffused aeration products have been designed to optimise these functions and provide:

  • easy fitting into new installations
  • easy retrofitting into existing installations
  • high oxygen transfer efficiency
  • low operating costs
  • low maintenance costs

Included in the range are both BioVyonTM sintered porous polyethylene and EPDM membrane products:

BioVyonTM Disc Diffusers
Available in various grades of BioVyonTM sintered porous plastic materials to suit different aeration requirements, the diffusers are available in standard sizes of 7 inch and 9 inch diameters. The discs have been designed to retrofit into most industrial standard disc holders.

7 Inch Easy-Fit BioVyonTM Dome Diffusers
Reduce your refurbishment costs by fitting this highly energy efficient BioVyon™ sintered porous polyethylene dome diffuser with its unique EPDM gasket. Very easy to install and maintain.

BioVyonTM Tubular Diffusers
An alternative format to the BioVyonTM domes and discs, the BioVyonTM tubular diffusers are particularly useful for industrial waste treatment and river or stream aeration. Applications also include the oxygenation of ponds for fish farms.

Tubular Membrane Diffusers
This is a range of EPDM tubular membrane diffusers in varying lengths and diameters. They can be fitted to both circular and square section pipe systems.

Membrane Disc Diffuser
An EPDM membrane diffuser that is easy to retrofit to existing plants. This proven design offers high oxygen transfer efficiency (SOTE) performance, even at modest air flows.

Please contact a Porvair Filtration Group company representative for further information and advice on our complete range of filtration solutions for the water treatment, and our design and manufacturing services.

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