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Within the nuclear industry there are ongoing operational challenges and potential hazards associated with environmental emissions and the protection of the workforce, such as high temperatures, high radioactivity, high solids loads and chemically aggressive environments. Therefore the industry demands exceptional levels of technical expertise and quality, in conjunction with specific skills to solve many of its most intractable problems.

Porvair Filtration Group offers both the engineering competence and quality infrastructure to meet those challenges and produce solutions to ensure the efficiency and safety of those processes, using a range of technologies, products and techniques. These include Iodine traps/absorbers, Pulsed jet self-cleaning air and gas filtration systems, HEPA pre-filtration systems and Caesium capture protection. As well as waste package filter vent/breathers designed to meet filtration efficiency, hydrogen diffusion and pressure differential requirements, demisters to take aerosols out of gas and air streams and a variety of other designed-for-purpose filtration and separation packages.

Porvair Filtration Group has more than 25 years experience in supplying high quality filtration solutions to the nuclear industries within Europe, the USA and the UK. Working across the field, designing and supplying filtration and other equipment, we offer solutions to the power generation, fuel production, reprocessing, decontamination and decommissioning and waste packaging sectors. As an engineering company in the filtration industry, we are able to take an initial discussion to a fully optimised solution, meeting material, code and technical requirements providing a total solution to a specific problem.

We have the capability to provide everything from a single, specialised, retrofit element to a complete, packaged system to meet the precise needs of a complex application, together with on-site support and a complete after sales service. In addition to our acknowledged leadership in both engineering and quality, we also have the capability to offer the services of our extensive laboratory, development and testing facilities.

Please contact a Porvair Filtration Group company representative for further information and advice on out complete range of filtration solutions for the nuclear industry, and our design and manufacturing services.

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